Clan Momma, Hearthkeeper, Wise Woman, Creatrix, Wild Woman, Spiritual Redneck.


A few years ago a friend called me a “hillbilly mystic.” The name stuck, and I’ve been using it when I do work professionally with corporations and non-profits as a Tarot reader. However, it really does sum up how my life has been – from the deep country of Indiana, to studying as many paths of mysticism and spirituality as I can – my life has been spent always on the edge of the cultural views of faith/belief. For nearly 25 years I’ve been reading Tarot and doing intuitive readings. My journey into alternative faith systems started when I became the student of Medicine Woman Paula Quinn – from there I connected with quite a few wonderful folks. In my life I was lucky enough to work with Jeannine Parvati before she passed. She taught me about psychopomp work and spiritual midwifery, as well as diving deeply into the feminine mystical traditions. Four years of study with Susun Weed helped mold me as a healer and budding Wise Woman. In the mundane world my college career was spent studying words and faith systems.